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what's plurality???? why did you link me here?????

we are sage. sage is:

autistic, trans, and has adhd; this applies to all of us.

psya, rose, lilith, nyla, quartz, and vera
psya is: tilde, alyssa

psya: the first and th most fucked; used to be a median for a while. then we found plurality and fixed it.. but under stress i sometimes regress.. we consider that part to be median in a sorta way.. alyssa is the regression part. tilde is whatever is left. psya is just the whole thing.

rose: first tulpa, pretty cool and chill

lilith: second tulpa, sorta just herself or somethin'.

nyla: accidental tulpa, a cat sorta person gal.. sweet.

quartz: a walkin; shes just like.. cool and herself now, sparklefox as if that's a thing. anthro.

vera: walkin as well; shes kinda like.. hard to explain rly

too lazy to finish the rest of this right now so go check out morethanone or tulpa dot io